Bluegrass-Perennial Ryegrass

We formulate our bluegrass / perennial ryegrass mixtures with the short and long term factors in mind. Bluegrass is slower to germinate and needs some short term help in establishment and that is where perennial ryegrass is a beneficial component in the mixture. Long term, the perennial ryegrass will fade out and bluegrass will create a solid base that will thrive for many years.

Sure Shot R
Sure Shot R

Sure Shot Kentucky Bluegrass Blend with perennial ryegrass for  faster establishment.


Seeding Info

Seeding Rate: New Seeding   5-6 LBS per 1,000 Sq Ft

Overseeding    3-4 LBS per 1,000 Sq Ft

Seeding Dates: March thru May       August thru September

Expect germination in 5 (rye) to 14 (bluegrass) days after seeding.

Bluegrass / Perennial Ryegrass mixtures.....

  • Offer short and long term solutions in many different applications such as sport fields, home lawns and commercial sites.
  • Are faster and easier to establish as new seeding that just Kentucky bluegrass lawns alone.