Fine Fescues

Fine fescues are versatile! They offer superior low maintenance performance, and thrive in shady areas.

Blue Ray Fine Fescue Super Shade Fine Fescue Blend
Blue Ray Fine FescueSuper Shade Fine Fescue Blend

An American sheeps that features a distinctive bluer color. Suited to natural or no fertility management programs in both sun and shade. Lower growth profile. Needs only occasional or seasonal mowings in open or environmentally sensitive areas....

Super Shade is a versatile blend of fine fescues. It performs admirably in medium to dense shade areas, however, will do very well in low maintenance environmentally sensitive areas. Areas include home lawns, parks, reclamation, roadsides,...



Seeding Info

Seeding Rates:New Seeding: 5 - 6 LBS per 1.000 Sq Ft

Overseeding: 2-3 LBS per 1,000 Sq Ft

Expect germination after seeding in 7-10 Days

Fine Fescues.....

  • Are the true fine bladed fescues and should not be confused with marketing that claims turf type tall fescues are ultra fine bladed. Fine fescues are finer textured than bluegrass.
  • Are very cold tolerant. 
  • Are very low maintenance that grow well in poor soils.
  • Are not traffic tolerant.
  • Are not a good choice for sports fields, as they have a waxy coating on the leaves that makes it more slippery.
  • Are shade tolerant.
  • Are primarily bunch type grasses with the exception of creeping red fine fescue, which will spread.