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Medium Red Clover Purple Top Turnips Smooth Bromegrass [Bromus inermis]
Medium Red CloverPurple Top TurnipsSmooth Bromegrass [Bromus inermis]

Medium Red Clover [Trifolium pratense] is a short-lived perennial legume.

Purple Top Turnips Winter hardy, great for food plots! Cool Season Broadleaf Seeding Rate: 5 Lbs/Ac Seeding Depth: ¼ to 1/2 In Grazing: Good Nitrogen Fixation: No Hay Production: Poor Seed Size: Small Nitrogen Scavenging: Good

Bromegrass is a cool season, sod forming grass introduced from Europe that is used extensively for forage and erosion control. 




Timothy United Deer and Wildlife Mix White Dutch Clover [Trifolium repens]
TimothyUnited Deer and Wildlife MixWhite Dutch Clover [Trifolium repens]

Timothy grass is a cool season, bunch-type grass that is well suited moist and cooler climates. Timothy is a very palatable, medium growth grass that matures somewhat later in the spring relative to tall fescue, bromegrass and orchardgrass....

Mixture of various clovers, grasses and grains to provide excellent year-long forage for deer, turkeys, and other wildlife in your sanctuary. Season long high protein forage Excellent palatability keep the deer coming back to forage Specialty...

White Dutch Clover is a short growing perennial legume that is very winter hardy.




Winter Ryegrain
Winter Ryegrain

Winter Ryegrain is a very versatile winter annual grass that can be grazed by livestock, used as a green manure in gardens or used as a quick establishing cover crop in highly erodible areas.