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Our goal is your satisfaction! One way we all can be happy with the products you buy is provide our customers with the most up to date information so you can seed with as much ease as possible. This page is packed full of links, videos and information for you to use for your seeding project. No matter what part of the country you live in, we have the most in-depth information for your area.


Midwest USA

K-State University   BLOG

University of Nebraska       Backyard Farmer        Backyard Farmer YouTube Channel

UNL Turf-Lawn Renovation 1 -You Tube

UNL Turf-Lawn Renovation 2 - You Tube

UNL Turf-Lawn Renovation 3 - You Tube

Iowa State Turf

Eastern / Northeastern USA

Rutgers Turf Extension

Penn State Turf

Maryland / Virginia Turfgrass Variety Recommendations (highlighted varieties are available at United Seeds as of August 2015). If a variety is not available on our online store, please call 800-456-9901.

Virginia Cooperative Extension


Southern USA

Texas A & M 

Oklahoma State Turfgrass


Western USA

Oregon State Turf

University of California - Davis Turf

Super Turf I LS Super Turf II LS Firecracker SLS
Super Turf I LSSuper Turf II LSFirecracker SLS

Super Turf I LS sets a new standard with turf type tall fescues.

This versatile blend has something most other turf fescue mixes lacks, proven cultivars!

Firecracker SLS is a second generation variety with improved salt tolerance, color and texture.




Summer Turf Type Tall Fescue Hemi Tall Fescue
Summer Turf Type Tall FescueHemi Tall Fescue
CURRENTLY SOLD OUTSummer is the first release from our new generation of TF with finer leaf texture than ever before. Bred to look and feel like Kentucky Bluegrass, but with all the benefits of TF

Hemi turf type tall fescue is a solid performer in the National Turf Evaluation Trials (NTEPS). Hemi displays improved leaf texture, insect resistance.....