Native Grasses

Canada Wildrye [Elymus canadensis] Low Grow Grass Mixture Native Prairiegrass Mixture
Canada Wildrye [Elymus canadensis]Low Grow Grass MixtureNative Prairiegrass Mixture

Canada Wildrye is a short lived perennial, cool season grass.

Low Grow Grass Mixture is the ultimate in intermediate growth and lower maintenance conservation mixtures.

If a low maintenance natural setting is your goal, then Native Prairiegrass Mixture is your answer!




Prairie Cordgrass [Spartina pectinata] Prairie Dropseed [Sporobolus heterolepis] Smooth Bromegrass [Bromus inermis]
Prairie Cordgrass [Spartina pectinata]Prairie Dropseed [Sporobolus heterolepis]Smooth Bromegrass [Bromus inermis]

Prairie Cordgrass is an aggressive, sod-forming grass great for soil stabilization along stream banks, wetland areas and shorelines. Prairie Cordgrass can reach mature heights of 6 to 8 feet and adapts to water saturated soils. Mature Height: 6-8...


Bromegrass is a cool season, sod forming grass introduced from Europe that is used extensively for forage and erosion control. 




Sundancer Buffalograss Timothy Big Bluestem [Andropogon gerardii]
Sundancer BuffalograssTimothyBig Bluestem [Andropogon gerardii]

Sundancer turf type buffalograss is the newest release from the Native Turf Group in cooperation with the University of Nebraska. Sundancer, released in July of 2014, is the “hottest buffalograss under the sun” and is the most...

Timothy grass is a cool season, bunch-type grass that is well suited moist and cooler climates. Timothy is a very palatable, medium growth grass that matures somewhat later in the spring relative to tall fescue, bromegrass and orchardgrass....

Big Bluestem is very versatile in any landscape.




Blaze Little Bluestem [Schizachyrium scoparium] Blue Grama [Bouteloua gracilis] Sideoats Grama [Bouteloua curtipendula]
Blaze Little Bluestem [Schizachyrium scoparium]Blue Grama [Bouteloua gracilis]Sideoats Grama [Bouteloua curtipendula]

Blaze Little Bluestem is an intermediate growth warm season bunch type native grass.

Blue Grama is a short, warm season native grass.

Butte Sideoats Grama [Bouteloua curtipendula] can be integrated into any conservation program or wildlife habitat.




Cody Buffalograss [Buchloe dactyloides] Switchgrass [Panicum virgatum] Indiangrass [Sorghastrum nutans]
Cody Buffalograss [Buchloe dactyloides]Switchgrass [Panicum virgatum] Indiangrass [Sorghastrum nutans]

Cody™ Buffalograss set the standard for turf type buffalograss.

Switchgrass is a bunch type native warm season perennial with short rhizomes. An essetail choice for conservation applications and wildlife cover and forage.

Indiangrass can be integrated into various applications for conservation, wildlife habitat and low maintenance sustainable landscapes.