Snap Back RR

We blend two of the newest turf type fescues available on the market to create Snap Back RR Turf Fescue Blend! Snap Back consists of No Net turf fescue, a newer generation turf fescue with greater spreading and self-repair potential and Summer turf fescue, with dark green color and fine texture.

Blend Components: 70% No Net™ turf fescue and 30% Summer turf fescue


Seeding Rates: 10 Pounds Per 1,000 Ft2 (New Seeding)             5 Pounds Per 1,000 Sq Ft2 (Overseeding)

5 Pounds=500 Sq Ft, 10 Pounds=1,000 Sq Ft,  25 Pounds=2,500 Sq Ft,  50 Pounds=5,000 Sq Ft   

Seeding Dates: April-May, August-October

Seeding Depth: 1/4 Inch

Germination Times: 7-10 Days at 55° 4" soil temp

Packaged: 5, 10, 25 & 50 Pounds

Snap Back RR
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