Super Turf II LS


Super Turf II LS is a mixture of the very best of the new lower-growing turf type tall fescues. Varieties selected score at the very top in the NTEP trials for turf quality, wear tolerance, low maintenance performance, leaf texture, endophyte enhancement and disease resistance, especially brown patch. Kentucky Bluegrasses, which provides the knitting effect of the rhizomes but are non aggressive and will not compete with the tall fescue. Super Turf II LS can be used in all aspects of the turf industry. Generally recommended in areas where supplemental water is available, although Super Turf II LS will adapt well to low maintenance areas.

Turf Type Tall Fescue/Kentucky Bluegrass Mixture – 93.0% Firecracker SLS, Valkyrie LS, Titanium 2LS or Summer Turf Type Tall Fescue and two varieties of 3.50% each of Kentucky bluegrass.

This mixture may also contain Hemi, Turbo, NoNet, Raptor 3, Spyder LS or Talledaga turf type tall fescue.


* Please note: There may be any combination of fescues present in this mixture, with a minimum of 10% for any given variety (totalling 93% of the mixture by weight).  Varieties are subject to change without notice. We do make every effort to update our information in a timely manner.




Seeding Rates: 10 Pounds Per 1,000 Ft2 (New Seeding)             5 Pounds Per 1,000 Sq Ft2 (Overseeding)

5 Pounds=500 Sq Ft, 10 Pounds=1,000 Sq Ft,  25 Pounds=2,500 Sq Ft,  50 Pounds=5,000 Sq Ft   

Seeding Dates: April-May, August-October

Seeding Depth: 1/4 Inch

Germination Times: 7-10 Days at 55° 4" soil temp, 4-7 Days (Per. Rye), 10-21 Days (Bluegrass)

Packaged: 5, 10, 25 & 50 Pounds

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Super Turf II LS
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