United Seeds Mixes and Blends

These are the mixes and blends specially created by United Seeds to best serve your needs. Each blend is specifically tagged with the contents, germination %, and live seed % so you can rest assured with the quality of seed you are investing in your project.

5-Iron Perennial Ryegrass Blend Super Turf I LS Super Turf II LS
5-Iron Perennial Ryegrass BlendSuper Turf I LSSuper Turf II LS

5-Iron is second to none. Dark deep color, fast establishing and is a proven performer in any situation.

Super Turf I LS sets a new standard with turf type tall fescues.

This versatile blend has something most other turf fescue mixes lacks, proven cultivars!




Snap Back RR Sure Shot Kentucky Bluegrass Blend Sure Shot R
Snap Back RR Sure Shot Kentucky Bluegrass BlendSure Shot R

We blend two of the newest turf type fescues available on the market to create Snap Back RR Turf Fescue Blend! Snap Back consists of No Net turf fescue, a newer generation turf fescue.

Sure Shot sets the standard for elite "low mow" Kentucky Bluegrasses. 

Sure Shot Kentucky Bluegrass Blend with perennial ryegrass for  faster establishment.




Sod Grower II Kentucky Bluegrass Blend Super Shade Fine Fescue Blend Over Seeder Bluegrass Blend
Sod Grower II Kentucky Bluegrass BlendSuper Shade Fine Fescue BlendOver Seeder Bluegrass Blend

Sod Grower II is your answer to upgrading older bluegrass lawns. Perfect for areas that may not receive supplemental irrigation.

Super Shade is a versatile blend of fine fescues. It performs admirably in medium to dense shade areas, however, will do very well in low maintenance environmentally sensitive areas. Areas include home lawns, parks, reclamation, roadsides,...

Over Seeder Bluegrass Blend is a blend of three improved Kentucky Bluegrass varieties formulated to upgrade older bluegrass lawns.




Tuff Turf Turf Type Tall Fescue Little Buckaroo Native Mixture Native Prairiegrass Mixture
Tuff Turf Turf Type Tall FescueLittle Buckaroo Native MixtureNative Prairiegrass Mixture

Formulated for the toughest conditions. Tuff Turf shrugs off heat and drought for a greener turf all season long.

Little Buckaroo Native Mixture creates an intermediate height native prairie.

If a low maintenance natural setting is your goal, then Native Prairiegrass Mixture is your answer!




Low Grow Grass Mixture Low Grow Grass/Native Wildflower Mix NOT TOO TALL WILDFLOWER MIX
Low Grow Grass MixtureLow Grow Grass/Native Wildflower MixNOT TOO TALL WILDFLOWER MIX

Low Grow Grass Mixture is the ultimate in intermediate growth and lower maintenance conservation mixtures.

Low Grow Grass/Native Wildflower Mix combines the best in low maintenance and aethetics.

United Seeds’ Not Too Tall Wildflower Mixture is comprised of wildflowers that will reach a maximum height of three feet or less. The species in the mixture are will be blend well with lower growing native grass species or even as 100%...




Native Wildflower Mixture United Rain Garden Mixture United Pollinator Mixture
Native Wildflower MixtureUnited Rain Garden MixtureUnited Pollinator Mixture


Create a garden not only for beauty, but create a garden that filters stormwater through the soil for groundwater recharge.

United Pollinator Mixture creates the perfect habitat to attract a diverse number of pollinators such as butterflies, bees and hummingbirds. This mixture features season-long blooming and with an array of color to attract the maximum amount of...




United Deer and Wildlife Mix
United Deer and Wildlife Mix

Mixture of various clovers, grasses and grains to provide excellent year-long forage for deer, turkeys, and other wildlife in your sanctuary. Season long high protein forage Excellent palatability keep the deer coming back to forage Specialty...